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Headquarters :
Location: Dabouq – Mohammad Khair Almaani St. – Above Arab Bank – Building 62 1st Floor
Phone: 06-5338908
Fax: 06-5338907
P.O Box: 3434 Amman 11821 Jordan

Location: Sweileh – Queen Rania Al Abdullah S. – Opposite of Sameh Mall – Building 436 3rd Floor
Phone: 06-5345522
Fax: 06-5338909

Location: Nazzal – Opposite of Nazzal Al-Kabeer Mosque – Aswaq Mo’tah Block – Building 2 First Floor
Phone: 06-4377889
Fax: 06-437783

الموقع : الزرقاء – شارع الملك طلال (شارع الصالونات) نزول البريد الاردني – بجانب صالون حنان ابو الرب وبجانب صيدلية المشير
Location: Al-Zarqa – King Talal St. – Salon St. – (Nzool AlBareed) Next to Salon Hanan
Phone: 05-3939334
Fax: 05-3939335

Al-Mahatta (Raghadan):
Phone: 06-5338908
Fax: 06-5338907

الموقع : الرصيفه– شارع ياجوز
Location: Al-Rusaifa – Yajouz St. – Ground Floor
Phone: 05-3742090

الموقع : البقعه– جانب بنك الاسكان
Location: Al-Baqaa -Alquds-Next to Housing Bank – Ground Floor
Phone: 06-4728585   Fax: 06-4728586

Phone: 06-4750506

Fax: 06-4750508

Al-Ameen MasterCard™:
Phone: 06-5356535
Phone: 0796162635


The client has the right to file a complaint



The Client and / or guarantor  may contact directly with the employees of the complaints department of the company, through the following methods:

For direct contact with the complaint department in the headquarters, please use one of the following methods:

Calling From any landline phone to the free number: 080022012 or 065338908


P.O : 3434 Amman 11821 Jordan

Fax: 065338907



The headquarter will study the case and respond to it within a maximum of 10 working days from the date it was submitted and fulfill all the documents related to it.

If the client is not satisfied with the company’s response, he/she has the right to report to the Central Bank of Jordan or file a complaint to the court.

Contact the Financial Consumer Protection Department at the Central Bank of Jordan at the following number: 064630301

How to contact CBJ:


Email Address:

Fax : 06463889

P.O : 37 عمان 11118 الاردن

Fax Consumer Protection Inst. : 064602482